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Project Management and

Mangement Consulting

About Himle Consulting AS

Himle Consulting is an independent consulting company offering

advisory services and administrative project services.


CEO:  Håkon Himle

Phone:      +47 913 53 344


e-mail:   post@himleconsulting.no


Visiting adress:
Himle Consulting AS

Bleikeråsen 111

N-1387 Asker




992 506 717 MVA


Himle Consultings customerbase is the dynamic high-technology industry. The customers demand high effectivity and have to make quick changes to exploit new market possibilities and to handle distortion of competition. Facing these external conditions Himle Consulting offer IT and Telecom Consultation and Consulting Services as well as Management for Hire.




  • Project Management and Project Administration


Project is a suitable work method when clearly defined, time limited tasks is to be accomplished with limited resources.


The project as work method is generic and suitable to solve different types of challanges such as acquisition, delivery, product development, process implementation, training and organizational changes.


Himle Consulting offers consulting services and education within project management.


  • Strategy Development and implementation


A successful strategy process demands a thourough knowledge of the marked in which the company operates in, the companys position compared to competitors, in which way the market develops and internal and external possibilities and limitations for the company.


The process needed to develop a good and feasible strategy for the company is time consuming and thourogh preparations is needed.

A series of investigations must be carried out and analysed. In this work Himle Consulting may be a useful partner.



  • Product Management and  Product Development


The Product or service portfolio defines the organisations purpose and is thus a sentral part of any organisation. A proper handling of this portfolio is thus of great importance for any organisation.


To be concious the portfoilos composition and each of the products position related to competitiors is an important managerial responsibility.

Himle Consulting can contribute in the Product Management process.


  • Organizational Development


Any organisation needs from time to time to adjust to changes in the framework conditions, like new competition or to exploit new possibilities.


In processes like this it is often a lot of work that must be carried out to make a sound process. Himle Consulting may contribute in this process.

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